Tallow Balm for Mature Skin


What did we ever use for skin care before chemically laden skin care products dominated the market?

Tallow, for one. 🙂

Grass-fed tallow is the single best ingredient for moisturizing your skin. Our tallow is hand-rendered here at our farm and is absolutely and always sourced locally from grass-fed cows who roam free on the farms they are raised in. They are local to us. It’s a safe and natural way to keep your skin looking healthy.


Our tallow is absolutely and always sourced from grass-fed cows.

Bushyhead Botanicals offers three formulations for different skin issues…

This listing is for our Nurture formula. Nurture is formulated for aging/mature skin.

Formulated for mature skin, nurture boasts some of the most effective essential oils for mature skin health and anti-aging. It contains frankincense, helichrysum italicum, lemon, and carrot seed

About the essential oils in Nurture…

🌿 Carrot Seed EO: Like many other anti-aging essential oils, carrot seed essential oil is also loaded with skin regenerating properties. It is rich in vitamin A known as a strong antioxidant for protecting skin cells from free-radical damage. Carrot Seed EO has carotenoids that assist in rejuvenating skin cells and aid in detoxifying. It assists in protecting your skin from damaging UV rays. Carrot oil assists in rejuvenating skin cells. It is rich in vitamins and minerals.

🌿 Frankincense EO: Frankincense is a truly unique essential oil, with a rich, aromatic scent that is calming to your senses, your emotional state, and overall sense of well-being. Frankincense essential oil is cytophylactic, which means that it helps protect existing cells and encourage new cell growth. It is said to stimulate cell regeneration and protects older cells from free radical damage. It assists in restoring skin elasticity. Frankincense helps in improving skin tone. This oil also helps generate new skin cells, which makes the skin supple. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and redness. It also improves the overall appearance of the skin.

🌿 Helichrysum italicum EO: If you have red, itchy dry skin patches of eczema that have blisters, products containing Helichrysum oil support relief from the discomfort. One of the reasons that Helichrysum oil is good for skin affected by eczema is that it is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. Applying Helichrysum oil can help painful, fluid-filled blisters to heal quicker. The oil can help reduce irritation and prevent dehydration and cracking, thanks to its moisture-locking ability. In fact, this oil is also said to be effective in treating cellulite acne, dilated pores, stretch marks, and dark circles. Barring its hefty price tag, this oil stands out for its healing ability.

The International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents reported that helichrysum extracts also kill off various bacterial strains. For example, it can prevent Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA from causing skin infections. When used topically, helichrysum didn’t show any allergic reactions. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11397624)

🌿 Lemon EO: Lab studies show that lemon oil is able to reduce cell and tissue damage in the skin that’s caused by free radicals. This is due to lemon oil’s strong antioxidant activity and anti-aging effects. The use of lemon essential oil in skincare can help fight free radicals that may lead to premature aging of the skin. When used as an ingredient in a skincare formulation, the high number of antioxidants the lemon oil provides (which help fight against these pesky free-radicals) combined with its natural astringent, anti-bacterial properties makes it a very useful essential oil for those on the search for a brighter more clear looking radiance to the complexion.

Lemon essential oil has antioxidants that help in protecting the skin from oxidative stress. This oil has ascorbic acid, glutathione, and alpha-tocopherol, which is an anti-aging ingredient. This oil prevents premature aging and unwanted development of wrinkles on the face. The lemon oil helps to even out the skin tone and strengthens the skin defenses.

How to Use:
Apply a light layer to face and neck while skin is still damp as the last step in your daily skincare routine.

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