Our Story

Bushyhead Botanicals are crafted on our small family herb farm located close to the Bushyhead area of Oklahoma. We border on Oklahoma’s eastern prairie and the western edge of the Ozark Plateau. Here, we call it “Green Country”.

We started growing in 2002. We value community, local economy, sustainability and thrive on terrific customer service. Bushyhead’s handmade botanical products are crafted from quality ingredients straight from our farm or the surrounding woods and prairie; sometimes from other trusted growers. We don’t do fussy and our customers can actually SAY every ingredient that make up the products we create. We have no plan to expand, outsource, or compromise on our product value in any way. We intend to stay small and continue offering our organically grown and hand harvested products for our own health and for you and your families.

Our Vision:
We envision a community in which herbs and herbal education are an integral part of a healthcare system that honors and provides for the unique needs and health goals of every person. We believe strongly in Health Freedom.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to serve our community by offering the finest herbal products available and to provide herbal education that empowers our customers to make informed, science and evidence-based decisions about the use of herbs to meet their healthcare goals and to live healthier, happier lives. Since 2002, Bushyhead Botanicals has made a firm commitment to stand out in the field of organic herbal health by providing organically grown herbs, and herbal botanical products that are of consistently high quality. How do we stand apart? Why are our herbs exceptional quality? Because of the way we grow harvest, and process them! We really grow our soil and our soil grows the herbs.

We are diligent in our harvesting practices, choosing the time that essential oils in the herb are at their peak, when the accumulation of potency is concentrated in the root, etc… We offer you the fruit from the sweat of our brow, literally; and the highest quality possible for your health and hard earned dollar.
We are a small family farm and don’t have the budget for an organic certification and that is why our reputation is built on honesty. The harshest chemical we use is castile soap for the occasional pest that can’t be picked and fed to the chickens. HONEST