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You grow your own food (or eat organic), you use coconut oil for moisturizer, and you clean your house with vinegar and maybe lemon oil. Why? You probably want to be self-sufficient, you don’t want to eat or clean with toxic chemicals, you want to save money and preserve the environment. So why on Earth are you still brushing your teeth with a product that’s packed with so many questionable ingredients? Organic remineralizing tooth powder to the rescue!

No foaming agents. No SLS. No glycerin. No preservatives. Fluoride-free. GLUTEN-FREE.


Ingredient Spotlight

Bentonite Clay (All Formulas)
Bentonite clay is rich in minerals that can nourish teeth and gums making it perfect for tooth powder.

Calcium Carbonate (All Formulas)
Clinically proven to reduce sensitivity and harden dentin. Our teeth are very porous on a microscopic level. They are made of calcium and phosphorus.

Diatomaceous Earth (Sensitive)
Did you know that DE is a compound almost entirely made of Silica (a hard, non-reactive, colorless compound most commonly found in nature as Quartz). DE adds an abrasiveness to the tooth powder, but it’s not as salty as baking soda. Using diatomaceous earth helps if you are sensitive to baking soda. That is why we add this to the Sensitive Teeth formula. And the best part is that it is safe for both children and adults. (as with all supplements, double check with your doctor first!)

Baking Soda (Cinnamon & Clove, Peppermint, and Orange)
Baking soda has been a natural tooth cleanser for hundreds of years. It gently polishes teeth naturally. While the FDA cut off for abrasiveness is 200 on the RDA scale, baking soda as less abrasive than most commercial toothpaste. In fact, it is MUCH lower than commercial toothpastes. (like a 7!) Everyone is probably familiar with using baking soda to clean teeth. Even commercial tooth pastes often incorporate it! So I’m sure it won’t surprise to see it here. And, like bentonite clay, it is both alkaline and packed with minerals.

Sage (All Formulas)
Sage has been recognized by many cultures for its natural tooth-whitening abilities. Known for its astringent properties, sage is great for oral health and whitening teeth making it perfect for tooth powder. You can’t really taste it, it just quietly goes about doing its thing.

Non-GMO Birch Xylitol (All Formulas)
Research has shown that xylitol has many benefits for oral health. Xylitol helps the mouth keep a neutral pH, and prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth. It also adds sweetness to the tooth powder. It is, however, completely optional.

Himalayan Salt (All Formulas)
This salt is full of tooth-nourishing minerals and is especially helpful if you struggle with irritated gums.

Cinnamon Essential Oil (Cinnamon)
This essential oil has long been used for its healthful properties, specifically it’s antifungal, antibacterial properties. Recent research showed that cinnamon essential oil has the greatest antimicrobial potency against streptococcus mutans bacterium — a common cause of cavities, tooth decay, and enamel erosion — in children with cavities , and lactobacillus plantarum, one of the bacteria responsible in gum disease.

Peppermint Essential Oil (Peppermint)
This essential oil has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Peppermint is extremely effective at killing anaerobic bacteria, the type of bacteria that thrive in a low oxygen environment like the mouth. In addition, it adds a cool, minty fresh flavor to this tooth powder.

Orange Essential Oil (Sensitive & Orange)
This essential oil was chosen for it’s ability to fight microbial growth and helps with teeth whitening.

Clove Essential Oil (Cinnamon & Clove & Sensitive)
Clove is an antimicrobial standby. Clove also soothes sensitive teeth. (


Scoop up a mounded heap of the tooth powder with a dry toothbrush, then place in the mouth without wetting the brush. Your saliva will quickly provide more than enough moisture. As you brush, pay extra attention to getting the mixture into the space between your teeth and your gums as well as the usual scrubbing on both the front and back of each tooth.

Brush lightly, as there’s plenty enough abrasiveness with the salt, clay, and/or baking soda to clean well without heavy-handed scrubbing.

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Orange & Vanilla, Clove & Cinnamon, Peppermint, Sensitive


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