Natural Deodorant That Works-Tallow Based


Bushyhead Botanicals’ tallow based deodorant is a solid, all natural stick that simply works. Get away from propylene glycol, aluminum, and artificial chemicals and try out our natural tallow based deodorant in the scent you choose!

A naturally occurring oil in tallow is palmitoleic acid. It has natural antimicrobial properties which helps fight odor-causing bacteria.

Grass fed tallow, coco butter and candelilla wax ( Euforbia cerifera) together create a solid stick with a smooth glide. The magnesium hydroxide helps prevent odor causing bacteria from sticking around, while arrowroot powder helps keep you dry without irritating your skin.


About the Ingredients….
✿ Magnesium Hydroxide:
This is a HERO ingredient! It helps neutralize odor without clogging sweat ducts.

✿ Arrowroot Powder (Maranta arundinacea)
This ingredient helps to relieve skin irritation, so if you have razor burn, this ingredient can help. It keeps the deodorant silky and powdery.

✿ Candelilla Wax ( Euforbia cerifera)
This may help a little, with the perspiration problem, but the main point of this ingredient is to give the deodorant a nice slide.

✿ Zinc oxide (NON-nano):
Zinc acts as a skin protectant, is up to 3x more effective than aluminum chlorhydrate (eww!) used in commercial deodorants and antiperspirants, is a natural mineral that is effective in combating body odor, has amazing properties that can help soothe your skin, AND Zinc oxide is a remarkable mineral that offers an alternative to baking soda in natural deodorants.

✿ Zinc Ricinoleate:
This is actually an interesting ingredient. Most deodorants rely on a combination of an antibacterial agent (likeTriclosan) to kill odor causing bacteria and a fragrance to cover up any residual odor. Zinc ricinoleate works a different way – instead of killing bacteria or masking smells it actually absorbs the odor and traps it so you don’t stink.

✿ Essential Oils:
Tea Tree and Rosemary: These two oils are exceptionally antibacterial and antifungal, so they’ll work really hard at keeping any stinky from happening. These two essential oils are in all scents because they pull their weight to fight odor.

Note: You should change your deodorant from time to time. The bacteria under your arms will grow too comfortable to the properties of your deodorant if you use the same product every single day, day in and day out. Switching from one scent to another with essential oil based deodorants should work. ☺️

It will continue to grow incredibly hot throughout the States, and since shipping trucks rarely have AC and our mailboxes are can reach temperatures over 100 degrees, it’s a smart idea to pop your new deodorant into the fridge for 2-3 hours upon arrival. After that, it should be right as rain! Remember to keep all natural products out of the sun and in normal, room temperature 60-80 degree temperature rooms.

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Bergamot & Lime, Herb Fresh, OakMoss & Sandalwood, Palo Santo & Mahogany, Vanilla Rose, Unscented


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