Chickweed & Calendula Salve


Bushyhead Botanicals’ salve is made from organically grown calendula and wildcrafted chickweed. When I say wildcrafted, I mean it grows all winter in the greenhouse πŸ™‚ Mixed with organic cold pressed 🌻 sunflower oil, locally sourced 🐝 beeswax, and a touch of Vitamin E it makes a wonderful first aid salve.


Calendula is related to burdock and chamomile, herbs that are also used for their skin soothing properties. You could say that healing skin is “in the family”. During the Civil War, doctors used calendula to treat open wounds on the battlefield. Calendula flower is among the most soothing of herbs for skin salves.

Chickweed is known to be generally soothing. (hence why so many herbalists used it in making salves/ointments)

🐝 Beeswax is an amazing way to moisturize the skin and is commonly found in skin care products and cosmetics.

Salves contain oils infused with herbs. Unlike creams or lotions, they contain no water; and, as a result, form a separate layer on the surface of the skin.

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