Why Bushyhead Botanicals?

Your premier destination for small batch botanicals from herbs grown chemical free or carefully wildcrafted.

Bushyhead Botanicals are crafted on our small family herb farm located in Bushyhead, Oklahoma. We border on Oklahoma’s eastern prairie and the western edge of the Ozark Plateau. Here, we call it “Green Country”. We started growing in 2002. We value community, local economy, sustainability and thrive on terrific customer service. Bushyhead’s handmade botanical products are crafted from quality ingredients straight from our farm or the surrounding woods and prairie. We don’t do fussy and our customers can pronounce every ingredient that make up the products we create. We have no plan to expand, outsource, or compromise on our product value in any way. We intend to stay small and continue offering our organically grown and hand harvested products for our own health and for you and your families.

Every product we offer in our shop was grown on the farm or ethically wild crafted from the beautiful land we are surrounded by. Oils are purchased from ethical and organic sources.

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