Sugar Lip Scrub


If you’ve ever experienced lips that are so dry that your skin starts to crack or flake, you’ll know that even the most extreme lip balms won’t provide the assist you need. That’s where an exfoliating sugar lip scrub comes into play! Exfoliating your lips can help to remove the layer of dried and flaky skin, leaving your lips soft and smooth.

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The sugar lip scrub base is a mixture of rich organic emollients, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and rosehip seed oil.

I chose Rose Geranium essential oil for its anti-inflammatory properties that help calm skin inflammation and irritation.

Rosehip Seed Oil has powerful antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals. It also works to repair damaged skin cells. It is rich in vitamin C that replenishes the lost collagen in your skin. This improves your skin’s elasticity and firmness. It has fatty acids and vitamin A that moisturizes the skin.

Oh! And a touch of mica for pretty, subtle shimmer 🙂
What’s Mica? Mica is a brittle silicate mineral and it comes in many colors. It is considered safe and non-toxic by the Environmental Working Group. (cosmetic ingredient watchdog)

How to Use Sugar Lip Scrub

Apply a small amount of the scrub to your lips and gently scrub in a circular motion for approximately 1 minute with your fingertip. Using a warm washcloth, gently wipe to remove your homemade sugar lip scrub, and then be sure to use some lip balm afterwards to lock that hydration in.

Tip: You can use a lip scrub to soothe dry and cracked lips, or as a way to remove homemade lipstick.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Try not to over-exfoliate — limit your use of DIY lip scrub to once a week so as to not irritate your lips.
Scrub gently to prevent irritation wounds.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
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Sugar Lip Scrub
Sugar Lip Scrub
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