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Chai spices are warming not only when you drink them in a tea, but when also when you bath with them. Sometimes I get cold … a deep down cold … those times when even a hot bath alone won’t quite cut it. Even in the summer when that AC has frozen you to the point your body actually thinks it’s winter… THAT kind of cold.

Chai bath soak to the rescue, the next time you are “cold”, warm yourself up with these warming chai bath salts.

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Float away in the scent of fresh chai bath salts. When it comes to herbs, one is not limited by teas and tinctures. Your bath can be a vehicle of healing when herbs and essential oils are incorporated.

Made with organic chai spices, Epsom, Himalayan, and Dead Sea salts, & Magnesium Flakes.

Perfect at the end of your chilly day.

8 oz plastic jar

About the ingredients…

✿ Epsom salt is used in baths to help relax the body as well as treat any swelling/pain. Epsom salts are a compound of magnesium and sulfate. Since magnesium is easily absorbed through the skin, bathing in Epsom salts can provide you with your vital daily dose of magnesium.

✿ Magnesium is important for many bodily functions, including nerve and muscle function. A 2001 study published in the journal Magnesium Research shows that magnesium chloride is better absorbed by the body compared to magnesium oxide, as it has the same bioavailability as organic magnesium salts. Chronic stress can deplete magnesium in the body, so a nice long soak will leave you replenished and relaxed.

✿ Dead Sea Salt is Deeply Hydrating. Bathing in Dead Sea salt improves skin hydration, reduces redness and roughness, and enhances the skin barrier, according to a study published in 2005. Sufferers of atopic dry skin submerged one arm in seawater and the other arm in plain tap water for 15 minutes. While the salt treated arm showed significant improvements in all areas, the tap water arm showed evidence of further transepidermal water loss. The combination of minerals in Dead Sea salt has worked wonders for people who suffer from dry, sensitive, and itchy skin.

✿ Himalayan Salt, when dissolved in warm water bath, becomes a powerful detoxifier as this ionic salt solution helps to extract the toxins out of your skin and tissues. At the same time, the 84 natural-occurring minerals and elements in the Himalayan pink salt penetrate your skin, leaving you refreshed and nourished. As a result, this reduces the acidic levels in our body and balances the pH of our body and skin.

👍 Dermal absorption is a process in which water’s minerals are absorbed by the skin – in many cases this is far more effective than if the minerals were consumed orally.

❌ Caution: A hot detox bath is quite demanding on the circulatory system so do consult your doctor first if you have underlying medication conditions. It is not recommended for people with high blood pressure. Also be sure to stay hydrated!

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Chai Bath Salts
Chai Bath Salts
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