Black Tourmaline Face Polish – Grounding Scrub


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Welcome to a wonderful new face polish experience! Black Tourmaline Face Polish? Why not a face scrub?

The key difference between these two formulas (polish vs scrub) is that a face scrub is meant to clean and exfoliate, whereas a face polish does not clean the skin, only exfoliate it. But even that’s debatable as the butters and oils in a polish can double as an oil cleanse. Confused yet? There are several reasons why someone would want to use one or the other, but in our experience, cleansing while exfoliating doesn’t provide the same benefits that straight exfoliation on its own produces. Physical exfoliation helps your skin glow, whereas cleansing it has a chance to strip away natural oils that your skin needs to help with dehydration.

Having said that, the reason I chose to call this a polish is because the exfoliation is very gentle that it feels more like it has been “polished” more than scrubbed. Crystal? Oh, this formulation is a super choice for all skin types, but it is wonderful for sensitive skin.

Our Black Tourmaline Face Polish’s Hero Ingredient… Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is known for its grounding abilities and encourages feelings of security.
The Black Tourmaline crystal stone meaning is connected to its deep pitch-black color. Because of its dark coloration, this stone has a strong energy and an ability to absorb negative energy without compromising its own. Because it can absorb negativity, it can both protect and cleanse.

The particle size of our black tourmaline powder is μm < 44 It comes to you from Brazil. It's perfect for a very fine polish. Not to be long winded here, but Truth in Aging has some interesting insights on Black Tourmaline...

💬As an energizing stone, tourmaline is believed to vitalize the skin, making it appear more radiant and youthful. When tourmaline crystals warm as they are rubbed onto skin, they become positively charged on one end and negatively charged on the other. Because of this unique feature, tourmaline has been incorporated into moisturizers, exfoliants, and anti-aging formulas to increase the absorption of nutrients into the skin. According to one anti-aging product, tourmaline extract triggers a warming effect to increase the production of new collagen and the contraction of fibers, thus restoring the springiness of skin.

There’s also some research published in The Journal of Cosmetic Science that claims that tourmaline radiates infra-red rays and this heats the skin (the theory is a bit like crystal or wave therapy) and therefore stimulates the circulation. The researchers mentioned (which undermined the credibility of the study a little) that some of the participants in the study were more sensitive to these infra-red rays than others.💬

Our Second Hero Ingredient (yes, sometimes there are TWO!)
in our Black Tourmaline Face Polish

Passion Fruit oil (Maracuja Oil) is rich in linoleic acid, which is an essential building block for ceramides, one of skin’s main moisturizing elements. Our bodies can’t make this essential fatty acid, so we need get it from our food or put it on our skin. Also, topical use of linoleic acid helps reduce acne breakouts. Passion Fruit Oil has a relaxing aromatic substance (passiflorin) that reduces anxiety, improves sleep, and reduces stress and fatigue. Being a very light and gentle oil it is great for eye area and everyday use.

*** How To Use ***
Apply to face in a thick layer, let it stay for 5-10 minutes then scrub LIGHTLY for a bit (you know your skin!) Sensitive skin needs less time and gentler exfoliation (pressure).

FREE OF: sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, petroleum, and other harsh chemicals.

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Black Tourmaline Face Polish – Grounding Scrub
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