Bath Melts


Bath melts are luxurious little treats that you add to your bath water. They are loaded with moisturizing body butter and skin loving body oils. Looking for a simple way to gift yourself with some self-care? These heavenly bath melts will leave your skin feeling silky smooth while also providing you with aromatherapy benefits. Double up and gift some to a friend so she can enjoy these too!


Bath melts (aka bath truffles) are luxurious little treats that you add to your bath. They are loaded with moisturizing and skin loving body butter and oil.

These bath melts are made with ingredients so natural that you could eat them, and you might just want to! The aroma of cocoa, violet, musky, woodsy, and lavender makes my mouth water. These truffles, however, are best used in the bath, as the silky soft oils melt in the warm water and soak into your skin, leaving it moisturized and soft.

These Bath Melts dissolve into your bath water, turning it into a big ol’ tub of what is basically a super-weak lotion, making for a decadent soak and some seriously happy skin. They slowly melt in warm water and create a skin softening experience. They smell amazing and are made with high quality butters. Each one (of six) is good for one bath, so six baths total.

About the scents…

I think the decadent chocolate and sugar cookie are rather obvious 😉

Sensuous Rose: A magically passionate blend of rose absolute with whispers of lily essential oil (by enfleurage), violet and jasmine kissed by soft woods. Let the magic of this scent embrace you.

Kismet: sweet orange and lavender, a sleek woody blend of patchouli, golden amber (Pinus succinifera) essential oils embracing the heart and soul inside oneself.

Mood Enhancing: An uplifting, herbal floral aroma composed of fresh citrus (lime, grapefruit, lemon, orange), rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, rose, patchouli, cedarwood, balsamic fir, jasmine

Skin Soothing has a tad different formula. I use cocoa butter only (no shea and mango) and calendula infused non-gmo sunflower oil, and a touch of honey fragrance to give it a bit of soothing calm. 🙂 Calendula is such a wonderful herb for the skin.

Moon Child: This is for your inner hippie moon child! This is a musky floral fragrance. It’s a fresh mix of grapefruit, bergamot, thyme, nutmeg, rose, tuberose, and jasmine… an elegant, complex blend to make bath time unforgettable.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

Decadent Chocolate, Kismet, Mood Enhancing, Moon Child, Sensuous Rose, Sugar Cookie, Unscented


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Bath Melts
Bath Melts
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