Warming Cayenne and Ginger Salve


Hailed as the “King of Herbs,” cayenne pepper has been used for ages to add heat and spice to culinary dishes. However, the use of this tiny red chili pepper is not just limited to spicing up your tacos and salsa. Cayenne salve is a great addition or your herbal medicine chest.


Cayenne pepper is pften used in cooking, but it has been integrated into skin care products for its ability to assist with pain relief. The active ingredient, capsaicin, is infused into an oil base and included in ointments or salves because it works to stop muscle and joint pain. How does it do this? It tricks or confuses pain transmitters, desensitizing local nerves and helping to decrease pain in certain conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and osteoarthritis.

🌶 Spider and varicose veins result from blood pooling up in the veins due to poor blood circulation. The heat of cayenne pepper helps improve blood flow.

If your hands and feet are persistently cold, then cayenne salve should help warm you up. When applied topically, the heat of cayenne pepper will increase the blood circulation in the area, thus warming cold feet. But on a pair of warm socks and snuggle in!

💬 If laughter is the best medicine, then perhaps Capsicum is the second best.💬
– Glenn J.N. Reschke

🌶 When used topically, cayenne can help reduce muscle, joint, and even nerve pain from arthritis, shingles, back aches, post-surgical pain, and conditions like fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain.

Using a small dab (a little bit goes a long way!), massage into sore achy muscles and joints. If using for chronic pain such as arthritis, daily use is suggested and can take up to a week or two before you start seeing results. You can read about why consistent use brings the best result at Cayenne

🌶 This is a hot mixture! This salve should be used externally only, and not on broken skin, as it may sting open wounds. Even on closed skin, you may feel a bit of heat in the area where it is applied. (not unlike something like Icy Hot) 🌶

Why Ginger in Cayenne Salve?

Ginger has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years for ailments from arthritis to muscle pain, Also, ginger has been the subject of many clinical studies for its anti-inflammatory abilities. The warming abilities of ginger help to improve circulation and relieve tension in tired muscles. It is a terrific compliment to cayenne salve. Ginger works to increase warmth and blood flow in the area where it is applied.

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Warming Cayenne and Ginger Salve
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