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Meet Jodi Avery

– Gardener & Herbalist.

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Jodi at the Farm Hippie Bus

Where did the name, Bushyhead Botanicals, come from anyways?

I live outside a small town in NE Oklahoma, close to the Bushyhead Area. There was a Post Office there at one time, but now, it is just a locally known area with a sign on famous Route 66. I am related to folks named Bushyhead and, let’s face it, echinacea LOOKs like a Bushy Headed herb and it’s one of my favorite flowers.
Our Bushyhead Botanicals Mascot, the purple cone flower
I have been blogging online for over 20 years. I sold my first website on gardening and recreated a new one, FarmHomestead in order to encompass the diversity that is a homestead. My emphasis is and always has been on healthy self reliance.

Bushyhead Botanicals was the natural extension of a FarmHomestead life. It is one way that I support the farm. (and, ahem, my chicken habit) If you’d like to know more about my ethics and the way I do business, read more at Our Story and if you’d like to know even more, you can read our Code of Ethics here.

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