How to Make an Herbal Tisane

how to brew herbal tea

Herbal teas — also known as tisanes — have been known to us for thousands of years for their medicinal, healing, and nurturing benefits. Tisanes use plants other than the tea plant in their blends. “Tisane” is the French word for “herbal infusion” and denotes brews that use only fruit, bark, flowers, seeds, roots, or …

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12 Top Natural Remedies That Actually Work

pomegranates and grapes

When it comes to traditional remedies, don’t mistake “old” for obsolete. In the case of these 12 natural remedies that actually work, they may be old, but they really are tried and true. Written By: GreenMedInfo Research Group In the modern digital age, information that has stood the test of time is increasingly drowned out …

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Health Benefits of Elderberry

Are you looking for a way to aid your body, skin, and internal organs become healthier and live longer, you should consider the health benefits of elderberry. Elderberry can be used as a whole, where every part of the elder plant is used, including the berries, leaves, and flowers. Elderberry syrup is the most popular …

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