Herbs, Salves, Plant Extracts, Botanical Skin Care

Bushyhead Botanicals is dedicated to providing quality organic herbs and botanical products to the discriminating customer.

It is the goal of Bushyhead Botanicals to provide ethically grown and harvested herbs, herbal salves, plant extracts, and botanical skin care in a supportive, educational environment.

This means:

  • Growing and sourcing organic herbs and organic products whenever possible.
  • Where organic certification is not possible for herbs or other items, we work to ensure that nothing has been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. This helps support small herb farmers.
  • Strict wild harvesting policy — we are aware of the United Plant Savers “At Risk” list, and work to find cultivated sources of these plants. (in fact we’ve begun growing many of our own)
  • Obtaining essential oils from distillers and wholesalers as committed to quality and ethics as we are.
  • Working directly with growers whenever necessary to provide a fair price for all involved.
  • Working to answer our customer’s questions about herbal medicine and the role of herbs in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Working within our community to educate individuals about positive lifestyle choices in nutrition, self care, and more.

Bushyhead Botanicals can also create custom plant extracts, herbal infused carrier oils, and herbal salves for your individual needs.

Client Satisfaction

Bushyhead Botanicals believes that the best benefit we can provide our customers is by building strong relationships. This includes working with individual needs and providing sources of herbal and alternative medicine information.

Please contact us if you have special needs, are looking for a product not found on our website, or have any questions.

As we are working with products that are used for health and well-being, it is extremely important to us that you obtain exactly the herbal items (botanicals) you need to suit your individual needs. Our promise to you is hand-selected, quality botanicals combined with exceptional customer service.

Plants are more than a product.

Bushyhead Botanicals respects the gifts our planet offers us, and respects the customers who depend on us to provide them with quality herbs and natural botanicals.

We take pride in offering the highest quality possible while offering affordable prices. We don’t try to be the cheapest; we strive to be the best.

organic herbs at Bushyhead Botanicals